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Eco-Friendly Bath Bombs Packaging Ideas 2023

Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas

If you don’t like wrapping your homemade bath bombs in plastic, the good news is you don’t have to. We’ve created a list of 16 eco-friendly bath bombs packaging ideas that use sustainable packaging materials. 

Who says you can’t be aware of the environment AND have fun with bath bombs simultaneously? 

In addition, a wide range of eco-friendly bath bombs packaging ideas can suit every budget, whether you’re looking for imaginative ways to wrap bath bombs as gifts or green packaging materials for your growing business

Let’s get started!

What’s The Definition of Eco-Friendly?

We all have different ideas about being “green” or eco-friendly.

The Cambridge Vocabulary has the following definition: “Eco-friendly goods have been designed to do the least possible harm to the atmosphere.”

I’m sure we can all settle that the best packaging for bath bombs should do minimal harm to the environment. When you’re suggesting ways to package bath bombs, you might select packaging that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Sustainably sourced
  2. Uses green energy during production
  3. Biodegradable materials
  4. Compostable materials; and
  5. Recyclable (or made of recycled content)

The materials you select to wrap your finished product can have an eye-catching design, protect against damage, AND be earth-friendly.

Here are major key considerations to keep in mind when thinking of custom packaging solutions.

  • Keep Moisture Out: Dampness or high moisture are the foes of any custom bath bomb. Bath bombs that are bare to excess moisture can worsen quickly.

  • Protect Fragrances: Bath fizzes often contain beautiful fragrances. Depending on the type of fragrances or vital oils used, these can quickly fade if not correctly sealed. In addition, you also want to prevent different scents from intermingling.

  • Prevent Breakage: If you’re planning on shipping bath bombs, you’ll need to consider how to stop breakage (because we all identify bath bombs packaging ideas are crumbly things!).

  • Cost: Some eco-friendly materials cost a pretty penny, while others may cost resulting to nothing (think upcycled boxes or materials you already have at home). Moreover, if you’re planning to market your soap, you’ll find it’s often best to purchase in bulk.

16 Eco-Friendly Bath Bombs Packaging Ideas

Nowadays, people notice wholesale bath bomb boxes and designs (and whether it’s gentle on the earth).

The world of environmentally friendly bath bombs and body product packaging has come a long way. Furthermore, packaging can vary from upcycled everyday household items to sleek custom boxes with your logo. We’ve organized the following artistic eco-friendly bath bombs packaging ideas into numerous categories:

Papers For Packaging Bath Bombs

When looking for sorts of paper products, check for an FSC label or certification. This stands for Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), meaning wood pulp is sustainably obtained.

In a nutshell, here’s how to pack an individual bath bomb with paper:

  • Cut a square of custom paper that simply accommodates the custom size of the bath bomb.
  • Place the custom bath bomb in the center of the custom paper.
  • Gather contrasting sides of the paper. Place it so that the bath bomb is totally wrapped.
  • Secure the paper using a sticker, tape, or a string/ribbon.
  • You can trim the paper at the top for a “neat” look or leave the paper for a decorative touch.

If you don’t have any worthy ideas about designing, contact us now at Custom Box Packs USA! Our skillful team is always ready to serve our customers.

  • Kraft paper

Kraft paper’s original “green” solution is an affordable way to package your goods. It gets its different brown coloring from wood pulp, which includes the bulk of its materials.

It’s simple to see why many individuals love brown Kraft paper. The normal and understated aesthetic complements pretty much any design. Moreover, brown Kraft boxes is reasonable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and can reuse. Plus, it contains no added dyes.

  • Parchment Paper

Somewhat you may have in your pantry, custom parchment paper (custom baking paper) delivers a grease-proof layer of safety.

  • Tissue paper

Try wrapping your product in custom tissue paper. For a fuller look, you can try tissue paper together. You can also get inventive by using dissimilar theme colors together.

Select custom display boxes made from recycled materials sourced from sustainable forests. In addition, for printing with your brand logo, try to find an eco-friendly brand that uses plant-based or water-based inks rather than old-style petroleum-based inks.

Many kinds of tissue paper are recyclable, and some are also compostable. Types of paper that are NOT compostable are those with glitter, metallic or plastic finishes, or other synthetic add-ins.

  • Recycled Gift Wrap Paper

What could style your BB more gift-ready than paper?

There are so many theme colors and patterns accessible. To make your lovely gift wrap as earth-friendly as possible, try to select papers to prepare from recycled materials.

Many kinds of gift packaging papers are recyclable. Some may be appropriate for the recycle or compost bin so long as they don’t have a glossy or waxy finish—ditto for glitter or sparkles.

  • Upcycled Pages From Magazines Or Newspapers

Put those ancient newspapers and dog-eared publications to good use as wrapping paper. Most magazine pages are just the correct size for a single bath bomb.

Look for bath bomb boxes printed with exciting pictures, colors, or textures. Our household saves all the comic pages from previously read newspapers as gift wrap!

  • Tin foil

Probably the calmest way to wrap around objects, such as a BB or tin foil, conforms flawlessly to curves. The best part is no tape is required! So long as tin foil isn’t polluted, you can scratch it into a ball and recycle it.

  • Crepe paper or crepe ribbon

If you have a roll of waste crepe ribbon or paper from a party, it also doubles as bath bombs packaging ideas. To use a lovely crepe ribbon, cut main four to six sections of equal length. 

Place the pieces into an asterisk pattern (*) so that the centers overlap. Place the custom bath bomb in the middle and tie or tape the pieces together.

Many recycling plans accept crepe paper that’s free of glitter or foil. Crepe paper prepares with natural colorants is also compostable.

  • Individual Paperboard Or Cardboard Boxes

Bath bomb boxes come in all custom shapes and sizes. Some have cutout windows that let you glance (and sniff) the item. Look for custom window boxes prepare from recycled contents that are unbleached.

  • Large Bath Bomb Display Boxes

If you’re planning on marketing bundles of BBs, you’ll find various sizes to choose from. Some slide open, while others have flip-top lids.

  • Burlap bags

Burlap is a normal fiber made from hemp, jute, or flax yarn.

Look for biological burlap that’s pesticide-free. Burlap not only adds a beautiful rustic touch but is also often sustainable, vegan, and biodegradable.

  • Muslin Bags

Muslin is a lightweight fabric with either synthetic polyester (or poly blends) OR laced cotton. For the most “green” option, select cotton muslin. Cotton muslin bags are recyclable (however, polyester versions are not).

  • Glassine Bags

While glassine paper looks oddly similar to wax paper, it’s dissimilar. It’s a glowing, semi-glossy, and smooth paper that’s food-safe, grease-proof, and good at keeping damp.

Glassine gets its shiny look through a major process named supercalendering. This involves pressing and freshening the paper. 

Builders then feed the paper through superior cylinders that flatten the paper fibers so that they all face a similar direction. This provides it with a glossy sheen.

Unlike custom wax paper, it doesn’t comprise any wax additives. This makes glassine recyclable and biodegradable. You can also modify the glassine with your custom logo.

  • The Art Of Furoshiki

The Japanese art of lovely gift wrapping with reusable fabric is called Furoshiki. Customarily, people used square pieces of colorful fabric. But you can get imaginative and upcycle scrap fabrics around the house. Basically, tie knots on opposite ends to create an eye-catching gift.

  • Bath Bomb Belly Bands

Belly bands, or sleeves, are a reasonable and eco-friendly way to wrap your BBs. They’re also simply customizable. These thin strips of custom paperboard fit around the middle of each BB, allowing clients to see and smell the product.

You can find a diversity of downloadable and customizable templates for belly bands on Etsy, allowing you to print yours at household. Or you could also demand pre-made or blank bands.

Look for bands prepare from recycled materials. Most soap bands are ecological, biodegradable, and compostable (as long as they don’t have a bendable or plastic finish).

  • Coffee Filters

I love using what you already have; most of us have a few coffee filters around the house. If you have undyed coffee filters, even healthier! Simply place your beautiful soap in a coffee filter and secure it with jute or string. 

Coffee filters are recyclable and unbleached varieties are compostable.

  • Naked Bath Bombs

Probably the eco-friendliest packaging is no custom packaging at all! If a big company can sell “naked” bath goods, maybe it’s worth a try! For example, this method works if you sell at a farmers’ market, so customers can see and smell the BB.

Just be careful of dissimilar scents mingling together.

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