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What Are Different Styles of Bakery Boxes That Attract Customers?

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Just imagine how it feels when your cakes, biscuits, macarons, and chocolate brownies are delicious but delivered in very flat, soggy bakery boxes.

 Naah! You don’t want that. 


These things are, however, possible through the colors, materials, and printing on the Bakery boxes. 

There are lots of bakery products that need packaging. The list is way long, but their packaging designs are never-ending. 

The custom bakery boxes should be of the appropriate size, not too big or small, 

  • It can hold the products in it easily. 
  • The design and printing should go with the product inside.

Before deciding on the correct bakery product boxes, you need to understand a little about them. 

  • The type of the Paper 
  • Designing
  • Standard size boxes
  • Flip-top open boxes
  • Window cake boxes
  • Induction of handles

Let Us Discuss The Types Of Custom Bakery Packaging Boxes In Use:

In short, go with the flow when you want a reputation for your brand’s identity. 

Also, customize the boxes according to the kind of product. For example, cakes need great packaging. It’s pronounced that cakes are the showstopper to steal away your products. And macrons are best suited in the drawer-style box with multiple colors.

Cake Boxes:

Cakes are all favorites in the party or weddings. They are the source to win the hearts of the guests. In some cultures, it is the custom to give a piece of cake to guests at their departure. But isn’t it good to provide them with a cake in small, beautifully decorated boxes to take with them? It will be a memorable thanksgiving gesture. 

custom printed bakery boxes

In the past, people used to pack that cake in Paper or plastic bags. This is the old-time ritual. It squashed down the cakes and lost their beauty. Now custom cake boxes have altered this tradition and present a new packaging concept. 

Apart from the small cake boxes, large whole cakes are essential at weddings and birthday parties. A beautiful presentation of cake leaves a stunning impression. Besides the decoration, it must maintain the cake’s safety at the destination. Choose the packaging material carefully. 

  • Mound Cake Boxes:

This cake box is available for reusability exclusively. Again, it is a typical cake box that has been used widely and has a clear lid. This box is made of corrugated card material and is available in different sizes.

  • Cup Cake Boxes:

 When talking about the cupcake boxes, they need extra care and additions. As cupcakes are tiny, they can be ruined during shipping and carrying. That could be the ultimate solution to this problem. Yes: there is a solution. These boxes need inserts in the bottom to hold them thoroughly and don’t let them mix or destroy their style.

  • Customized Cupcake Boxes

Unlike the other large cakes, cupcakes are tiny and a favorite for kids and elders. They are colorful and fully decorated boxes. That’s why they need extra care, so they may not damage during the shipping process. 

However, to save them according to your choice, customized boxes are available in various ways. All such packages will attract customers naturally and thus boost the revenue. Other than that, they are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes. 

Pastry Boxes: 

The advancement in the packaging industry further led to the types of pastry boxes: 

  • White Folding Pastry Boxes: 

Sometimes the cakes are tall and heavy because of the decoration and icing. Then these custom pastry boxes are in use. Manufacturers make them in square shapes with two pieces of base and lid. However, you can expand them to twelve inches. 

  • One-Piece Window Boxes: 

These custom window boxes are a great choice because they are an alternative to heavy and expensive packages. The transparent window on the box allows you to peep into the design and color of the cake or pastry without opening it. The effort of opening to clarify the cake design needs to be improved. You have to hold the box with the cake inside. 

Shortcakes, cupcakes, or single pieces of cake are best suited in this type of box. 

Pie Boxes: 

The bakery products have varied items, so their packaging also varies to suit their style—another type of box for pie items. Pie is an all-time favorite for everyone. So, they need extra mileage for decoration and sizes. Their shape and dimensions make them efficient for packaging—pie demand separate custom packaging boxes.  

custom printed bakery boxes wholesale with logo

You don’t want to waste a standard-size package for a small slice of cake.? isn’t it? Okay, there is a kind of little cake boxes. You get just some sort of design for custom printing.

Oh, one thing more to look at. They also play a part in marriage, so design them according to the weddings. They are suitable for delivering cakes or pies to guests, even on birthdays or other events. You can quickly customize custom pie boxes according to your requirements. 

Macaron Boxes

When we talk about Macarons, the colors float before the eyes. They are the most colorful delighters themselves. However, there are different ways to preserve them. 

It is possible to load them in various ways. However, personalized custom macaron boxes are the best choice. Such personalized bakery packaging boxes make their beauty both inexpensive and effective.

Therefore, hard materials like a cardboard base, a transparent top deck, or a die-cut window must be used. That will appeal to the fun and yummy quality of these macarons.

 The bakery business demands the beautification of cakes and pastries to get revenue. Their food packaging will help them in this regard. They will mark the shopping with the prime events.

However, customization allows you to have custom-printed boxes with logo bakery packaging.

 This Will allow you to build your logo. Not just the brand or shop name but also some personal messages or wishes could be printed to make a significant impact. And you can even have them customized for weddings as well.

Want something new, right? Let’s go! We can support you.