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Do You Know Reliance of Ecommerce on Custom White Boxes?

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Since COVID-19, the shopping spree market has seen a paradigm shift from physical or going into the market and shopping to just putting out a device and buying whatever you want.

One of the essential things anyone learns in COVID-19 times is how to order anything online. And this increased the demand for online shipping, and companies have to change their selling mode from physical to online. 

Eventually, it gave birth to the drastic need for online packaging boxes. 

Drum rolls!!!!!!!

Here are the custom white cardboard boxes in the picture. Because the average internet user who ordered something online during COIVD was 47% before COVID, and in and post-COVID, it was 68%. It means that e-commerce increased by around 21%, eventually boosting the packaging industry. 

The best box in the packaging industry at that time was a cardboard box. It was sturdy, solid, and massive. It was so fulfilling all the needs of brands and customers. 

Why Are White Mailer Cardboard Boxes In Bulk Used For E-Commerce?

Cardboard boxes prove their metal for the e-commerce industry as they are stout in their structure and can be customized according to the needs of the product that is to be sent. 

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White cardboard boxes have various box styles ranging from cartons to two-sided boxes, but the most used cardboard box is the white mailer box. 

Custom white mailer boxes are convenient to use and can carry any product. Whether from the apparel industry, tech side, or any food item, mailer boxes fulfill the needs. 

According to the report of Custom Box Packs, mailer boxes have a 67% share of online shipping boxes used in the last 3 years. 

  • They are convenient to use.
  • The product remains safe in it.
  • Any customization can be applied to them.
  • Primarily used as white and brown cardboard boxes. However, they can get in any color. 
  • Size is no issue. Small, large, extra-large, jumbo, name the size and get it according to your needs. 

These are the significant reasons that custom mailer boxes got famous as the best shipping boxes. 

Other Designs That Complement White Cardboard Boxes:

As e-commerce was the only source to buy and send things in the covid era. So people, when they want to gift something to their loved ones, they utilize this source. 

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Now, it is clear that if they want to gift something, it obviously would be memorable, and they want it to be sent in attractive packaging, and it must leave an impression on the receiver. 

But unfortunately, it was not the characteristic of white cardboard boxes. Therefore, there are colorful cardboard boxes specially designed for your needs. If it was a birthday gift, wedding present, or best wishes gift, the customer requested to send those gifts in beautiful appearing boxes

Also, here other designs of cardboard boxes come instead of mailer boxes. Many brands use two-piece boxes and sleeve boxes too as their shipping boxes. Even if the customer needs customization, they name it and get it. 

Many businesses use these custom packaging boxes as corporate white gift boxes, especially in Australia. Because these boxes are simple and have a delicate appearance, they are the best option for corporate gift boxes

All the credit goes to packaging manufacturers. They create out-of-the-box packaging solutions for their customers and offer them reliable and comfortable shipping boxes. 

Perfect Packaging Can Increase The Sale Of The Products:

It is a fact that if the packaging is up to the mark, it will advertise your product and eventually increase sales. According to the research, it is observed that as the customer considers the product packaging, he will consider the brand. 

Other stats show that, on average, online businesses that pay precise attention to their product shipping packaging will get a 30% increase in their customers. 

Therefore, shipping packaging is almost near to branding. 

Therefore, the brands try their best to use the most reliable packaging for shipping products to customers to gain their trust and to deliver their brand statement. 

They use white cardboard printed boxes with extra customizations to deliver the product to their customers. 

Cardboard Boxes As Packaging Boxes For Any Product:

As shipping boxes are essential in e-commerce same as the original product packaging. Shipping boxes keep the product safe and protected, and the original packaging box gives an impression of the product. It acts as the information guide, product display, and brand statement deliverer. 

Hence, remember to include the quality-oriented packaging box of the product, or you will lose your customer.

So, an original packaging cardboard box can be used for any product. Suppose you are a manufacturer of cosmetic articles and use cardboard boxes. In short, any cosmetic article can be packed in a custom cardboard box with eye extensions, lip balms, lip glosses, eyelashes, hair sprays, or hair sprays. 

Toy maker? And worried about packaging, you got covered! Toy packaging boxes in white, red, green, and even multicolored designs are available for your toy items. Children like funky and colorful things. Therefore, the packaging of toys must be pleasant and chunky in its appearance. 

If it is not, it will not be compatible with your product. Toys require packaging that complements the toys. So if it is dull, boring, and not attractive, it will not serve its purpose. You can use white card boxes for toy packaging, but it is better to use customized colorful packaging. 

The most helpful packaging for food items is white cardboard boxes. Because in the line of the food industry, customers require just safety and reliability. And that is the core characteristic of white mailer boxes. You can also use boxes apart from mailers, usually used for shipping purposes. You can go for take-out boxes, sleeve packaging, etc. 

What Would Be The Future Of Cardboard Boxes?

Here a question will come to your mind: what would be the next thing after e-commerce, and if something new appears, will cardboard boxes remain in the game? 

The answer is simple. Before the boom of e-commerce, cardboard boxes were used for other packaging purposes, like the packaging of massive products. But they made their space when e-commerce came to the game. 

And how did it become the show-stopper? The answer is innovation.

Until innovative ideas are incorporated into the packaging industry specifically for cardboard boxes, they will remain the king of product boxes. 

When the innovation stops, the boom stops, the rank decreases, and some other packaging product boxes will take their place. And fortunately or unfortunately, that would also be due to innovation. 

But the predictions drafted after getting research done show that in the coming five years, the ruling post is of cardboard boxes. They will remain the show stopper, and if innovation stays with them, who knows, they will come up with another game-changing appearance. 

Final Verdict!

Should I give it or leave it to you? Ok! Let me put my conclusion and then tell you what you think about it. 

The relationship between white cardboard boxes and e-commerce remained strong in the previous three years, and also in current times, it has strong ties with the online shipping industry.  

Due to their reliability, convenience, protection, and versatility, e-commerce relies on them extensively and cannot deny their importance at any cost unless they find another partner to complete the task. 

So, suppose you are a business, brand, or product manufacturer. In that case, you will second my thoughts and ideas about cardboard boxes because you have seen their useability, and even your customers have proved that it is the best packaging box for any product. 

So, here I give my thoughts and attire of words and conclude my statement by leaving the rest to you.

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