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Why Are Personalized Mailer Boxes Packaging Vital?

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Custom Mailer Boxes: What Are They? 

Corrugated cardboard, which is what mailer boxes are constructed of, provides the box’s contents with excellent protection throughout delivery. These Custom Packaging Boxes don’t require additional packing supplies, which typically drives up costs and lessens convenience.

 By printing branded text, logos, and other imagery right onto the mailer box, a brand’s look may be completely customized to fit the product’s aesthetic. Therefore, custom mailer boxes are ideal for subscription and e-commerce businesses. 

Superior Strength

Online firms focus on giving their customers the highest-quality products without causing any potential harm. The products will remain safe, and the clients will be pleased to receive their purchase without any harm if the packing, on the other hand, possesses the power of strength and durability.

Modern custom mailer boxes, made with the aid of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft, and Bux board components, are renowned for their increased sturdiness. These are all sufficiently robust and resistant to ward against harmful elements. 

Dimensions Of Mailer Boxes

The box’s size impacts cost and durability. Although mailer boxes come in various sizes, you occasionally need to personalize the size. The fact that not all sizes can be used to make mailboxes may come as a shock to you. 

According to the die line, flat cardboard is folded into a box to create the mailbox. Therefore, printing and die-cutting machinery are responsible for limiting the paperboard size.

The mailer box must have a maximum unfolded size of 46 inches in width by 37 inches in length. The mailer box should measure at most 17 inches wide, at most 21 inches long, and no more than 4 inches tall when folded. 

Mailer Box Filler Materials

The primary material used to make mailer boxes is corrugated cardboard. Two different types of corrugated cardboard—two layers and three layers—are typically used by manufacturers to create mailer boxes. The type of corrugated cardboard describes the distinction between two and three layers of cardboard. 

A second full-color sheet of paper will be adhered to the surface of the two-layer corrugated cardboard to create the full-color mailer box in most cases. In contrast, the three-layer corrugated cardboard mailing box is suited for direct printing.

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The liner paperboard weight and the interior fluting sheet weight can be adjusted for either a two- or three-layer version. According to the weight of the packaged items, the Custom Box Packs might offer a fair proportion of packing materials.

The weight of your product and the amount of printing needed are two aspects that affect the materials used. 

Environmentally Friendly

More Personalized mailer boxes are the best packaging option for eco-conscious companies. Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more important to consumers, and they are more likely to buy products from companies that try to protect the environment. 

For Mailer Boxes, Print

Therefore It immediately becomes evident that branding or patterning on the mailbox might improve the unwrapping experience. Offset printing and silk printing are the two primary printing techniques utilized on mailer boxes.

Offset Printing 

Also, Offset printing is an indirect technique that involves printing the graphic on paper before adhering that paper to corrugated cardboard. The offset printing device provides excellent printing quality. Up to 7 Pantone colors can be printed simultaneously.

Additionally, there are two offset printing types.

  1. CMYK printing 
  2. Pantone printing 
  3. CMYK Printing 

CMYK printing is distinct from Pantone printing. CMYK uses a lot of dots to produce designs. This printing technique creates patterns with gradient effects and intricate backgrounds. 

  1. Pantone Printing 

Pantone printing offers very consistent color and excellent print quality. The most effective option for ensuring that the colors of different printing batches are uniform and that several colors will not interfere with one another is Pantone printing if the mailbox is designed as a sizable area of monochrome or two-color printing.

Silk Screen Printing 

It has a lengthy history and is still widely used today. It is utilized in many different items. For instance, silk screen printing primarily produces ribbons with logos.

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Also,there are many kinds of screen printing inks, including water-based, oil-based, high-gloss, and volatile drying. Custom postal boxes with muted colors typically involve silk screen printing.

Other Mailer Box Finalizing 

Further, The personalized mailbox also receives several additional coating and printing processes, such as lamination, embossing, hot foil stamping, embossing, and glossy spot UV, in addition to the already-stated printing methods. These additional finishing procedures and methods enhance the mailer box’s aesthetic appeal. 


There are two popular lamination options: glossy and matte. To strengthen the package’s durability and waterproofing, a layer of the protective film is added to the paper during the lamination process. On full-color mailboxes, laminating is required.  

Hot Foil Stamping 

Packaging logos are printed using the hot stamping technique, often known as foil stamping printing. Hot stamping is the process of heating metallic foil through a hot metal plate to imprint designs and text on paper, fabric, or leather.

The foil is offered in various hues, including white, rose gold, black, copper, and gold[lk1]. Bright colors and a glittering sheen are used in a foil stamping logo to adorn packaging and standout goods. 

Glossy Spot UV

A transparent layer of glossy UV will be added to the paper’s surface to emphasize the patterns. On the mailbox’s LOGO, this procedure is frequently employed.


In logo printing, embossing is a typical technique to give the logo and pattern a three-dimensional appearance and accentuate these elements.  

Unwrapping experience

Although Customers are also increasingly demanding of businesses, and unique mailer boxes give them a fantastic unboxing experience. This is due to the feeling of receiving a gift when you open a mailer box. You can improve the unwrapping experience by including extra items like fillers, inserts, or artwork.

Wrapping It All Up

The mailbox might be easily customized. Choose the required procedure from the materials, printing, and other process options based on your size and design.

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